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Welcome to the Parade! by Kreizen
Welcome to the Parade!
Disclaimer: All artwork credit goes to the amazing Daikanu!

I'm not sure if this constitutes raining on someone's parade or not...*dodges a chucked sheep*

Kaitlyn Halliwell (c) Kreizen

Heather Brandenburg (c) Kreizen

Artwork (c) Daikanu
Balloon Prism Power by Kreizen
Balloon Prism Power
Disclaimer: I did not draw this! The artwork was done by the talented and pleasant Daikanu over on FA!

Kaitlyn is in the midst of learning a valuable lesson; witches are not immune to their own powers~ 

Along with her ability to cast spells via breath, touch, or bolt, she can conjure bubbles that when burst can induce a variety of effects. They generally behave like more numerous, delicate P-balloons however >:3

Kaitlyn Halliwell (c) Kreizen    

Artwork (c) Daikanu
Harbinger of Battle by Kreizen
Harbinger of Battle
Disclaimer: I absolutely did not draw this! This is a commission, posted with permission from the artist ^^

When traveling with her companions, Vhaidra is a boisterous, promiscuous woman with a proclivity for drinking, snarking and mischief abound. On the field of battle, however, her joviality all but vanishes. She enters a martial trance, transforming into a whirling dervish of steel (instead of a balloon, for once!) and bringing ruin to her foes. She takes joyous satisfaction from a good fight, but once the blades have quieted, she often returns to her mirthful self in short order.

This lovely piece was drawn bu Laura Bevon!

Vhaidra (c) Kreizen

Artwork by :iconlaurabevon:  Go check her out!
Formal 'Ball' by Kreizen
Formal 'Ball'
Disclaimer: I did not draw this! This was a commission done by Skie ^^

Anette had reluctantly accepted her friend's invitation to a ritzy gathering in South America...but that apprehension vanished upon her arrival at the ball, and the plethora of beautiful young woman in attendance. After an even of small talk, appraising inspects of the other women sharing drinks with her, and music...she had come to the conclusion that the party could use dozens of decorative, struggling balloons. The hostesses tapped on their glasses to attract the attention of the guests, and began to address the throngs of intoxicated ladies in Spanish. The villainess could only pick up a scant word here and there, listening mostly by paying attention to the body language of the other guests. One word in particular, however, caused her to spit out her drink and look down at her belly in wide eyed horror. 'Globos' ....she could understand their intent perfectly now. The champagne she had swallowed so far was beginning to feel exceptionally bubbly...her tummy, along with the bellies of all of the women present, beginning to inflate like balloons! "Uh oh..." was all she could manage to murmur, holding her belly in shock, and fighting back an inappropriate amount of arousal...

Anette / Inflatrix (c) Kreizen

Artwork (c) :iconskie-maree:
Maid to be a Balloon by Kreizen
Maid to be a Balloon
Disclaimer: I didn't draw this! 

It was not enough that the balloon witch had rubberized her, but Anette found herself easily overpowered and dressed in a subservient maid's uniform just to pour more humiliation onto her ordeal!

Anette / Inflatrix (c) Kreizen

Artwork (c) :iconskie-maree:


United States
Current Residence: The Nether....
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic metal / Rock in general
Operating System: Windows XP
First off, I really want to thank everyone for the birthmas wishes! I was so tied up by family and work yesterday that I could not get around to responding to them all properly, but they are all greatly appreciated ^^

I also owe my watchers an explanation (or several) regarding the pathetic lack of story updates. The past year has seen quite a few changes in my life; first full time career-worthy job, buying a house, steady on and so forth. My free time has been sapped fairly thoroughly. This is compounded by an up until recent borderline addiction to sleep aids (working the third shift makes sleep difficult at times), leaving me in a perpetual state of sedation. Once the sleep apnea started, however, my doctor pushed me to cease taking those. My energy has been returning slowly due to the lack of sedatives in my system, and I'm planning to finally post a few new stories as soon as reasonably possible. I apologize profusely for the length of time since last posting a story, but will try to make it up to you guys.
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